Starting Today! The Shadow Over Ironwood!


Hello Freelancers!

I’m pleased to announce the next Freelance Hunters project, a novel-length serial, has launched on Patreon!

Patrons who donate a dollar or more will get access to the first Freelance Hunters novel, with new chapters appearing weekly!

Non-patrons will have to wait until spring for the eBook and print launch, but there will be new Freelance Hunters short fiction for your eyes and ears soon.

But until then, enjoy… The Shadow Over Ironwood!

When Glory and Joachim save an Elf girl from an angry mob, she begs them to save her logging village, located in the mysterious Elven homeland of Ironwood Forest. But the Forest is a deadly maze of traps and magical creatures which no trespasser has escaped alive. Can the two of them make it out alive, much less save the day? And where the heck is Bingo?

About hughjodonnell

Hugh is a writer and podcast producer living in Western New York. He is the host/editor of The Way of the Buffalo podcast, and his fiction has appeared in Bards and Sages Quarterly, The Method to the Madness anthology, and elsewhere. His voice mail is answered by Carl Kasell.
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