Adventure!  Romance!  Block Puzzles!

“Fantasy tales done right.” –JRD Skinner, “Flashpulp”

The Freelance Hunters make a living doing the jobs real adventurers won’t touch!  Follow their adventures in ebook and podcast serial as they hunt for thrills, knowledge, and treasure across the magical island of Elanterra!  Follow these three rogues in a series of adventures in the style of Fritz Leiber’s “Lankhamar” and Hajime Kanzaka’s “The Slayers.”

Glory Bywater: The Brains

The daughter of a prosperous Hillfolk merchant clan, she threw it all away to pursue her dreams of becoming a wizard.  Always chasing the next discovery, she has a lot to prove, both to her estranged family, her snobbish colleagues, and herself.

Joachim Verne: The Muscle

This human hales from the remote and barbarous Icy Mountains, but he’s seen every corner of the Island with one mercenary company or other. A man of few words, Joachim prefers to let Incisor, his enchanted spear, do the talking for him.

Bingo Proudfoot: The Skills

Bingo is a Hillfolk of the streets, raised in the urban jungle of Rosemary Proudfoot’s Orphanage for Wayward Hillfolk, he was groomed for a life in the underworld.  Instead, he went straight.  But old habits die hard.

Together, this odd-ball crew will solve mysteries, hunt illusive beasts, and search for legendary treasures.  But there is a fine line between HIGH ADVENTURE and CRUSHING DISAPPOINTMENT!


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