Welcome to episode one of The Freelance Hunters Podcast, a weekly fantasy adventure fiction serial created by Hugh J. O’Donnell.

Today’s story is “Blocked!”

This story originally appeared in print in Bards and Sages Quarterly’s April 2013 issue.

It can also be found in ebook as part of the collection Glory’s Gauntlet and Other Tales, available from Amazon or Gumroad.

Intro music is “The Lion and The Unicorn” by DimensionBucket, a work in the public domain obtained from  Outro music is “Crunk Knight” by Kevin MacLeod of  The Freelance Hunters logo is by Alex White.

Send questions and feedback to hjodonnell(at) and I’ll answer them on the show.  Also, consider joining my patreon feed, where any size contribution will get you exclusive podcasts and fiction.  Higher levels get ebooks, Hangouts, and more!  So please visit to sign up!

Thanks for listening!

About hughjodonnell

Hugh is a writer and podcast producer living in Western New York. He is the host/editor of The Way of the Buffalo podcast, and his fiction has appeared in Bards and Sages Quarterly, The Method to the Madness anthology, and elsewhere. His voice mail is answered by Carl Kasell.
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